The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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How it Works?

Using Rentsume to find a great tenant is super easy! Browse the Rentsumes, find the candidates that match you best, and approach them in one second!

Step 1

Browse Hundreds of Tenants

An increasing number of great tenants are joining the platform and building their Rentsumes. What you need to do is just trying to learn about them by browsing the Rentsumes!

Step 2

Find Your match

On the Rentsumes, you will find whether he/she travels a lot, whether he/she has a pet, and whether he/she wants to stay for over one year, etc. Find the tenants that fit your home and you best!

Step 3

Approach Directly

Getting interested in someone? It is super easy to approach them just like in other tools. Send him/her an in-site mail, a direct email, or even an instant message on Rentsume. Communication will no longer be a barrier between you and your tenant!

"Rentsume makes me stand out from the candidates and get my dream home!"

Benjamin Walker (Tenant), Designer @Google

"It turns out to be a place where I meet new candidates, and new friends."

Edmund Mellon (Landlord), Business Director @ Facebook

"You know, it just saves me a lot of time, and I could therefore focus on my business."

Joe Holland (Landlord), Small Business Owner

"I planned to not rent out my house next year. But Rentsume convinces me with a really good tenant!"

Susan Karr (Landlord), Corporate Strategy Director @ Spotify

"Rentsume is a good place to find better landlords - this is a self-selection process!"

Rene Maguire (Tenant), Developer @ Microsoft

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